25 Random Things About Me

I was tagged with this on Facebook by Amy Hassebrock a few days ago and posted my response on Facebook. today, I received a blog update from Michel Fortin, a famously successful copywriter, and CEO of The Success Doctor, Inc, who was likewise tagged for this, although not by Amy. He changed the rules on this a bit, and posted it to his blog, so I have added it to mine.

Here are the rules from Michel.
Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a post with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose five more people to be tagged. You also have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you. To do this, you simply link to their blogs so that they know you responded to their tag.
(You may include the above rules in your post so that the person being tagged knows them, too. You may also want to tweet your post to notify them on Twitter, too.)

1. I was born in sunny California.
2. All five of the Chadwick siblings were born in different states: Vermont, California, Maine, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. I am the second-born.
3. I had scarlet fever when we lived in Caribou, Maine, and my family had to be quarantined for 6 weeks.
4. My first poem was published when I was 15. Professor Malcolm Sedam from Miami University spoke to my Poetry class, read my poems, and took some of them back to the college and published them in an anthology.
5. I worked with Helen Steiner Rice when I was 17. Actually, her office was around the corner from my cubicle at Gibson. She had screaming fits on a regular basis and wore hats every day. Gibson paid for her suite at the Vernon Manor and a limo that brought her to and from work every day.
6. My older sister, Kim, fed me flies she caught in the back window of our car on the drive from CA to Maine. She told me they were raisins.
7. Kim decided one day that a tea party with her little sister—me—would be great. She served antifreeze. Mom rescued us.
8. I’ve had insomnia all my life.
9. I was a vegetarian for 15 years.
10. I won a Spelling Bee in 8th grade.
11. I was on the “It’s Academic” team in high school (Kings High School) and appeared on television. Steven Douglas was the moderator. Have no idea what happened to him.
12. I was also on the Debate Team in high school. We debated, “Resolved: that the United States should significantly change its method of choosing presidential candidates.” We argued for and against the Electoral College.
13. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 40. Now it is my favorite beverage.
14. I lived in Hanover, NH the summers after my sophomore and junior years with my grandmother and worked at what is now the Dartmouth Hitchcock Memorial Hospital.
15. My best friend, Rita Lester, died at the end of my junior year in high school. She drowned in the Little Miami River on the day I was elected president of the Student Council for the next school year.
16. I took violin lessons for three years in elementary school and still can’t read music notes.
17. I have been baking bread since I was 16 and am very good at it. I sold my homemade bread for just over a year when my kids were young. It cost $2 a loaf! I also make wonderful donuts and bagels. I love to bake.
18. I love to cook, but am not yet a great cook. I rely on my friends like Amy Hassebrock for great recipes—she is truly a phenomenal “chef.” (She’s too good to refer to as a cook.)
19. I am afraid of clowns and I find mimes irritating. Ironically I was in a drama group at church called The Agape Players and we wore white face like mimes do. Toughest makeup in the world to remove.
20. I used to sing professionally.
21. I have always wanted to be a writer. I got sidetracked a few times, but have always returned to writing and now make my living writing and editing.
22. I haven’t had a vacation since 1998 when Sam, my youngest daughter, and I went to Niagara Falls for three days.
23. I can read faster than anyone I know. It is one of my weird talents. Reading is one of my greatest pleasures.
24. I hate to shop, except when it comes to shopping for appliances or books.
25. I am happier now than I have ever been in my life. Even though there are “difficulties” in my family, I am at peace with God, writing and editing for a living, and close to my parents.

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