Viva la Resolución

The times, they are a’changin’ and in just a few hours, the New Year—2009—will drop in via the giant, Waterford Crystal ball on Times Square. This event signals the watchers around the world that it is now time to kiss and make up a list of resolutions—things they will do in the coming year to better themselves or change their lives.

It has been dog’s years since I have gone anywhere on New Year’s Eve besides my living room, or to bed early, but every year I do make my own resolutions.

Therefore, I, the over-signed, in the year 2009, do hereby resolve:

· To quit smoking. I started smoking in mid-1999, at age 40. Stupid? Yes, I concede your point. I won’t go into the why’s or wherefore’s of my decision to do so. It is a long-winded story and I am short of breath. It has been almost 10 years now since I took up the nasty habit—and I am determined not to make it to 11 years. I would rather quit than die before that 11th year arrives.

· To say “I love you” every day—to my parents, to my children, to my brothers and sisters, to my darling man. I want there to be no doubt in the minds and hearts of these people that they are absolutely loved by me. I may say it lightly at times or at the close of a conversation, but, on my honor, it is felt deeply.

· To write. I spend 85 percent of my time editing or proofreading other writer’s work, which is my vocation—what pays the bills. I have written news articles, magazine articles, chapters in books, blogs, suicide notes (that’s a hormonal thing), and ad copy. I am published everywhere. I have been paid to write since I was 17—however, ever since I was 16, I have wanted to write a novel. I am now 50. I think it’s about time.

· To stop sweating the small stuff. I have got small stuff enough for ten people. I am a collector of small stuff to sweat. This is a hard resolution for me. I am not a big picture sort of person—I am detail oriented. It has been said that God is in the details. Eh, not so much, I think. I am paid to be a detail person, and for what I do, it is a marvelous trait. But in the larger scheme of things—well, I can’t see the larger scheme of things as I am too busy picking apart the details of every single thing that occurs every single day of my life. I have Dewey Decimal-ed all the details and the card library in my head is overflowing. It is time to choose what is important, what is vital, what I absolutely need to be detailed about, and let the rest just, well, be.

· To be me. I am going to be whom God intended me to be, the person He created in His image. God does not make mistakes—He is God, after all. Omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent—and He chose to create me as I am. Just as I am. I will make Him proud of His handiwork.

I think that is enough resolving for one year. I am going to rest up now, then I’ll probably have to carb load and stretch in preparation for the year ahead.

One more thing:

Have a blessed New Year.

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